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Boat Washing

Boats look great in the water, but take them out and you’ll often find build-ups of algae and other invasive aquatic species. A pressure washer can help keep your boat looking its best in and out of the water. Connecticut Power Washing a division of BIOS Building Technologies, can clean your Connecticut boat or ship.  Call us at 203-994-3950

boat washing cleaningBoat Cleaning Tips

Some boat owners go overboard (pardon the pun) when it comes to cleaning their boats. They seem to spend more time scrubbing and polishing their vessels than actually cruising or fishing in them. While keeping a craft clean is definitely an important aspect of boat ownership, it’s not necessary to spend long, backbreaking hours to keep your boat looking like new. You simply have to equip yourself with the right tools/products and clean your boat regularly and efficiently. While a little bit of “elbow grease” never hurts, the key is to clean your boat “smarter” not “harder.” This means developing an effective cleaning routine, and making this ritual a habit after each trip. The following pointers will help preserve your boat’s good looks and protect your valuable recreational asset from the unforgiving marine environment.

Choose the Right Cleaning Equipment

Before selecting your cleaning equipment and products, consider the type of boat you have and its composition. This will ensure that you have the right tools and materials in hand for the job. Choose cleaning brushes that are sturdy and will get rid of stubborn dirt, grime and salt, without damaging the finish or gel coat on your boat. A long, sturdy handle on a scrub brush will allow you to reach hard-to-clean areas without bending down, provide leverage, and help eliminate strain on your back and arms. The brush portion should also be right for the specific application. Don’t use a brush that’s too rough, or it could damage your boat’s finish. For most situations, a brush with medium-soft bristles will do just fine. Whatever type or brand of brush you select, make sure the bristle material is durable and strong enough to withstand repeated use, sun exposure, cleaning agents and salt water. In addition to a good scrub brush, be sure to have other necessities, such as a bucket (large enough for your brush), washing pads, a mop, sponges, chamois cloths and towels handy. Store these items in the same place each time, so you won’t have to search for them.  Get the full article on American Boating

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