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Cedar Restoration

Wood fences and siding take a beating. They’re out in the weather 24/7, which can leave them faded, green, even mossy. But you can turn back the clock with a pressure washer. Connecticut Power Washing a division of BIOS Building Technologies LLC, can restore your cedar siding, fencing or other cedar surfaces. We begin by treating and cleaning the surface with a power washer.

connecticut power washerTo avoid streaks Connecticut Power Washing applies the detergent from the bottom of the fence up, and we allow the cleaner to work about five to ten minutes but don’t let it dry it should stay wet. We then scrub especially dirty or stained spots with a rotating scrub brush attachment.  Most wood is soft so to avoid damaging the surface we use a delicate low pressure spray pattern to rinse off the detergent
flush any remaining detergent from the system and test the cleaning power on an inconspicuous area.

Then we start at the top of the fence and work our way down covering one to two boards at a time and work with the grain in the wood. We rinse and repeat until the project is complete.

We let the wood dry for 2 -7 days depending on the weather to ensure that it is completely dry.

Sealing the Wood:  We seal the fence with paint or a sealer preservative of your choice, according to the manufacturer’s directions.

Your old weathered fence now looks like new thanks to Connecticut Power Washing

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