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Graffiti Removal

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Connecticut Power Washing strives to be the “World’s Best” in environmental matters without compromising on speed or effectiveness in removing your graffiti.

Connecticut Power Washing specializes in graffiti removal and graffiti coatings. A pressure washer can remove unsightly graffiti from most surfaces, without the need for any detergents, just plain water.

We do however use biodegradable solvents whenever possible as it provides better looking job with less water pressure.

Connecticut Power Washing uses the “World’s Best” products as instructed to quickly and confidently remove all types of graffiti from all building surfaces without causing any environmental harm.

Firstly we use safe, 100% biodegradable products.


They are EPA compliant and VOC compliant and contain no phosphates, chlorinated hydrocarbons, Xylene or any other products known to cause health or disposal problems for graffiti removal technicians.

Secondly the products are used sparingly and capable of removing a large amount of graffiti without unnecessary waste or run off.

Lastly they are so fast and effective you are able to use a quarter of the water and energy in using them compared to other companies.

Its so easy…Simply call Connecticut Power Washing and we will all be safe and happy.

Let us show you how…contact us today!

5 Easy Steps To Your Graffiti-Free Connecticut City

  • Use the Products trusted by more cities than any other products on earth!
  • Follow our Proven Strategies For A Graffiti-Free City.
  • Enjoy the advantages of working with a team of experts.
  • Share our valuable tips for working with volunteers.
  • Sit back and enjoy the results!

We can be proactive by applying an anti graffiti coating

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